Lauren Voyles


Lauren is the Jackie-O of wedding planning. What's that you ask? We'll sum it up in a few words: sophisticated, old soul, classic. Her impeccable taste married with her Type-A, ultra organized personality, make her a wedding planning dream!

Tricia Dierks


Tricia came to Events by Elle as a seasoned wedding planner and fit right into our team as if she were the missing puzzle piece. She will help hone in your dreams and visions to create a master plan all while staying within budget. Wedding planning is in her bones!

Shanna West


Shanna is the added bonus, cherry on top to your wedding day. She puts the final touches to your dreamy event. You won't see her until the day of, but it will be well worth the wait! 

Michelle Layman


Michelle is the powerhouse pushing Events by Elle on to the next best thing. Design has always played center stage in Michelle’s life; the way a fabric falls, the ambiance created with lighting, the pop of color that can transform a room. She doesn’t just think outside the box, she thinks of what to DO with the box. Her style is infused with a gracefulness and calmness that our brides fall in love with. When she has exhausted herself of being on the go, her favorite place is poolside sipping champagne while thinking of her next Instagram post for Events by Elle. 

Ok, so she might be a work-aholic.

Jonnelle Belger-Gentry


Jonnelle is the brains behind the scenes, powering Events by Elle with all the spreadsheets and checklists that make weddings happen! Her love of numbers comes in handy managing The Elle Girl’s books. She’s our southern belle of the team, content with fresh air and a glass of lemonade as long as her planner binder is somewhere near in sight!​

Karoline Wiens


Karoline is an OG Elle Girl. Her attention to detail makes for flawless events from start to finish. Her planning binders are the envy of all and second only to her amazing dance skills. Karoline is the gal wearing 4 inch heels at a wedding from beginning to end with no complaints. She has the uncanny ability to use words like “Fab-u” and “Tres” without raising so much as an eyebrow.  Her passion is organization, her love is in the details and this lady literally never stops.  Down time, you ask? She spends it on the run... literally! How else do you build stamina for an Events by Elle soiree? 

Chelsey Attia


Chelsey is a well-caffeinated social (media) butterfly with a knack for branding and marketing, a love for people and culture, and a healthy obession with details. Her love language is typography and authentic color combinations and producing bespoke content to capture your attention. 

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