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We’ve got you covered!

From the moment we start planning your wedding, our team will be unconditionally dedicated to you throughout the entire process. From big decisions, like locking in the perfect venue and vendor team to the tiny details of fonts for your invitation and the color of your napkins, we hold your hand (literally, if needed!) every step of the way.

You will work with one lead planner from start to finish and rest easy knowing you have a brand-new BFF with the skillset to manage your overall vision with all the creativity to make it complete. Your planner will know every detail of your day because she has been by your side from the first meeting until the last dance!

Investment starts at $7800.00


We’ll take it from here!

This package is designed for the heavy hitters!  Maybe you got a running start in wedding planning but got stuck somewhere along the way or most likely became overwhelmed.  This is where we jump in and tidy up the planning you have begun and work together to complete the rest of your to-do list items.

Investment varies


It’s go time!

Couples that have enjoyed planning each detail on their own, should also be able to enjoy that final stretch to wedding day! Event Management allows an Elle Girl to walk side by side with couples the last 8 weeks of their engagement to ensure their plans are executed flawlessly.

This is where we rally the troops!  We work with your entire vendor team to create and finalize custom timelines and personal checklists.  We do the work at your celebration, which means Mom, Dad, Aunt Sue and everyone in attendance are truly guests at your event!


Investment starts at $3400.00

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